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Originally Posted by Rich Parker View Post
Why doesn't the Weber lid fit?

To make my Weber lid fit, I took some channel locks and bent the rim of the lid out and then sat it on top of the drum and persuaded it back in to shape with a rubber hammer.
you might consider getting a set of cheap harbor freight (is there another kind?) body hammers..a stretcher and a shrinker..stretcher is smooth and shrinker looks like a meat mallet (multitasker!) anyway, you can take the lid and set the lip on something tough..heavy piece of pipe or whatever,
and peen it with the smooth hammer at opposed points, so it doesn't warp, and keep going around until it will sit on the drum snugly, and the use the shrinker to pull the ouckers back together if you get any...

and you get to learn something about body work...

I'm going to use the bottom of a donor drum and stretch it as above and weld in a rim so it will fit as a domed lid...and have a little extra room for the big cuts on the top grate.
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