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Originally Posted by Keith Hess View Post
I decided to try to build one of these. we got hold of a 55 gallon olive oil drum. Cut the top off with the plasma cutter, then we burned it out over the weekend. Will be welding it up this week. I've been taking pictures as I have been working

Thank you to everyone for posting their ideas/experiences!!!!
heh...iffit had just OO in it why burn it out? just roll it around a bit and
build a fire on the grate and let 'er season....

Started on mine today... welded in the air intake, scrubbed the barrel down and hit it with a dose of naval jelly as it is a bit rusty..pressure washed with antibacterial simple green and rinsed, force dried with a
bullet heater, and primed...I've got a god awful hunter green paint to put on it, and a can of yellow for the name...I like the idea of the bottle opener, but I think I'll wait until I've made few and get one I am happy with and performs well before I make one look like a Turkish bazaar.

Has anyone been cliche enough to do one in Harley Davidson?

I was thinking 40's rat rod with pinstriping...
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