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Originally Posted by Dagobaker View Post
how long did it take?
how was the meat?
i find broiling pork loin can be dry....does it have enough fat?
Hmmmm. how long did it take? Does it have enough fat?
Since there were five different cuts in this piece, some fatty and some lean and I had no idea how it would all come out, it cooked for about 7 hours, fat side down for four hours then flipped for the remaining time. As expected some parts were very succulent, especially the babybacks. Other parts were a tad dry and some portions were quite acceptable for moisture. As to serving this up: put it all on a big platter and sliced off some and tore off chunks with the bare hands. Medieval like. There were plenty of bones to go around and this will be cooked again in the future maybe brining first or injecting some oil or, dare I say, bacon fat into the less fatty cuts. Probably will cook it on the offset as opposed to the drum too.
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