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Found some matches.
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Hard to say for sure yet, but it looks like Ron L was right - I poked around with the thermometer a bit until I found a tough spot, and the temp was back down at 180. Am I correct in understanding that the temp should hover around 180 for a good while before it reaches the 190 range, at which point it's done?

Not sure yet, but I think I may have insufficiently cleaned out my reconditioned barrel. There's an acrid smell that I'm hoping is the exterior paint, but could be the few tiny spots of phenolic liner that I did my best to sand and grind away. If there are dangerous fumes in my smoker, will the taste of the meat give it away, or could it taste fine and still be dangerous?

Also, the FDNY showed up on my roof in full gear in response to "calls from all over the neighborhood." But when they saw that I had taken all the proper precautions, they were more interested in learning how the smoker worked than telling me to be careful.

Thanks all.
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