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Default Expert help needed fast - brisket is getting to temp too fast!

Hi All,

First of all I want to thank everyone here and the administrator's of this website for a great resource. I used the epic ugly drum smoker thread as inspiration and guidance to build my own.

Today I'm testing it with my first cook, an 8-9 pound brisket. But after only 3.5 hours on the cooker, the thermometer started beeping that it had reached 190 degrees. That's way too fast, right? I'm worried I'm doing something wrong.

I've been keeping the temp steady at 225 or so. I used a second over thermometer on the cooking grate to confirm that the smoker thermometer is accurate. I tested the meat with 3 different meat thermometers. What's going on? Am I going to ruin my first brisket by cooking it too fast?

The only other time I cooked a brisket was on a Brinkman Smoke n Grill, and it was a constant 12-hour struggle to get the meat to temp.

Any assistance greatly appreciated.
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