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Originally Posted by pdxRandy View Post
First ~thirdeye.....great pictures.

Okay dumbassed question number one.

So what is the deal on cutting down a rack of ribs. What is being trimmed off (yea I see in thirdeye's photos what it looks like) but what is in that part that you don't care for Why do it

A full slab takes a little more patience to cook correctly because they are not a uniform width or thickness. I actually prefer to cook them whole, partly to show off and also because the full length rib is a treat to serve. They can be 6 or 7 inches long.

The part that is cut off to make a St Louis rack is the lower portion, and is called the strip or brisket. It has a series of small bones that are softer like cartilage is. Some folks just don't like fooling with those little bones, but like I mentioned ..... the meat in the strip is delicious and my favorite part. (of course I like barbecued neck bones too)

The small end is usually cut away too just to square up the St Louis rack.

There is some loose meat on the backside called the flap, and it cooks too fast, so it is removed (even when cooking whole slabs) and just cooked on the side.

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