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Originally Posted by pdxRandy View Post
First ~thirdeye.....great pictures.

Okay dumbassed question number one.

So what is the deal on cutting down a rack of ribs. What is being trimmed off (yea I see in thirdeye's photos what it looks like) but what is in that part that you don't care for Why do it
I am no expert, someone else will be able to give you the biology technical stuff. However, a long long time ago, before bag phones, I tried to cook up a rack of spares untrimmed. What I learned is that the meat that is normally removed is:
(a) off the bones so it does not eat or look like traditionally known 'ribs'
(b) of different thickness so it cooks much faster and ends up way over done by the time the 'ribs' are tender
(c) is a different texture of meat

My experience tells me that for the same reason different cuts of meat need to be cooked differently and are prepared differently even if they are right next to each other inside the animal (think brisket flat and point), spares need to be trimmed to get the BEST cook for both the ribs and the trimmings.

After all, bbq is all about getting the BEST cook and flavor for a specific piece of meat, even if best takes all day to do and years of perfecting one's technique.

Hope that helps
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