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I am a newbie with an egg and still learning myself. Here is what I have learned via the forum: big chunks in the middle of the grate and used or smaller chunks on the perimeter, light in at least three areas, leave top completely off and bottom vent and screen completely open. Let it get to 400-450 and then close the bottom screen completely and vent to about 1.5". Put the top on but swing it so it is at least half open. The majority of the temp control is with the lower vent and fine tuning done with the top.

You did not indicate what temp you wanted but one of the things according to RTD is that you want the entire ceramic mass well heated - this will help stabilize any temp you want (If I understood correctly)
RTD (Ricks Tropical Delight) has a thread - I will look but it was lighting my large BGE.
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