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Default My humble submission for certification

I would like to submit my MONIK Balls for the certification process. This is actually my first attempt at true MONIK Balls, but at several BBQ events we have done many a meatball, just without the baconny goodness. However, back to my submission.

Here are the fixins for the MONIK Balls and some ABTs as well.

The shrimp on the board is for the ABT's. Just some good beef meatballs and genuine pork bacon for the MONIK Balls. I added a simple rub just before putting them on the grill.

Here are the prepared MOINK Balls. Please ignore the Weight Watchers scale, its the wife's.

On the grill, since the smoker died. Got some oak and lump going. Did indirect heat for a little over an hour, about 275 or so.

And here are the results, with a few ABTs on the side and some sauce for those who felt it necessary.

As further testimony, I took these in to my office to share with my co-workers. Thankfully no vegetarians were at the office today and not a single negative or critical word was uttered, until they were gone. One of the guys who works for me bit into his MOINK Ball, looked at me and said "I don't want to finish this. I just want to keep it with me forever". I finally convinced him that I could make more and it would be alright to finish that one and even have another.

Thanks Brethren for all the help, encouragement, and great ideas.


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