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Originally Posted by bbqfans View Post
I've been promoting wood for fuel for a long time...

Even a Brinkman can be run on wood, I do it all the time!!

I have been using all wood (90% - as I do use lump for a base, and to reheat the fire when needed) in my brinkmann SNPP for years with great success. I do however use a preburner (taking the raw wood to embers).

Advantages to this method:
1. Tones down the smoke a bit.
2. It also gives me the advantage of being able to use less than seasoned wood
3. Any gasses or other non healthy stuff in the wood (possible creosote, etc.) gets mostly removed during preburn.
4. I can throw bark, and all in the preburner, as all I put in the brinkmann is preburnt embers.
5. i don't have to worry about what kind of potentially unhealthy binders the charcaol mfg.s put in their charcoal

1. It adds another step in the BBQ process.
2. You do have to babysit the smoker, and add fuel regularly.

just my two cents
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