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somebody shut me the fark up.
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As my Navy CO used to say... Adapt and over come... You did the right thing in putting the chips into foil (something I didn't think of earlier, sorry). Based on the pron, I think you could have even put more into the packet, but that's for next time... Did you wrap them tight and poke just a few holes in the foil (preferred) or leave the foil open a bit... also, did you put the 'smoke bomb' on the coolest section of the coals?
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I tried both.
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This is so obvious that I didn't even think of it. The whole time I was placing the 'bomb' right in the middle of the pan. Putting it in a different spot probably would have helped.
It's worth a shot next time.

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So... I might have needed more time? Interesting. I was going on the internal temp of the roast. Using the guideline of 1-1.5 hours per pound, I decided to check it after 8 hours. The first time I checked, the temp was up over 190°, so I checked tenderness with a knife and removed it. That leads me to the question: How do you know when a butt is done, internal temp AND a tenderness check? If so, what is the progression of the tenderness as the meat cooks? Firm, butter, firm (and dry)?
I like to use the temp as a guide (needs to be over 195* for me to even check the tenderness) to tell me when I'm getting close and the the 'probe' (and or bone pull) to tell when it's really done...

In reviewing my previous posts on 'feeling the meat' I may not have been clear that it's not just how the knife goes in, but also how it feels when it comes out. if it goes in easily but but there is an amount of resistance in pulling it out, it still needs more time to cook. The same goes for the 'bone pull' if it is resistant to pulling, it again needs more time. Another thing to remember is that the meat is going to tighten up a bit once it rests so any resistance is going to be increased and translated to a more difficult pull in the end. The other thing I failed to mention is that you should try the knife test in more than one location. What may have happened is that the one spot you tested it was fine, but in other area's you would have felt more resistance

Also, it takes a lot to dry out a pork butt. If you are concerned that yours may be dry, you can add a cup or so of apple juice when you foil it and it'll soak it up. Just remember that you did that when you open the foil or your in for a good sized mess (again, don't ask me how I know this... LOL)
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