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Default Wood?????

I've been promoting wood for fuel for a long time...
I do as BBQCHEF33- warm the wood on top of my firebox. at the present I am using my Tejas to cook on and being a larger pit , takes wood very easily.I also have a 16" NewBraunsfeld RedRiver, about 30"long with a side firebox and use wood in it also. I simply cut the splits down to a smaller size and preheat.
I've helped several other Brethern to go wood(if I may,buddy,Gary) is very happy with the primer I sent him. He loves the change(Ithink???).LOL
However, as 33 states, go for charcoal and chunk first. Then as you get secure, make the jump.
I care not what others say, the taste of wood can not be duplicated. Artificial heat(charcoal) is (IMO) a danger to the environment, with all the Petrochemicals used to produce some of it!!!!!
The cost differential is amazing, I pay $55. for a P/U load delivered. It contains Cherry,Oak,Maple,Hickory and Apple. All good, and all 16" splits.They are easy to split smaller and my saws do the other cuts.
Even a Brinkman can be run on wood, I do it all the time!!

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