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Originally Posted by Divemaster View Post
I'm sorry you had a rough time with your first cook
I wouldn't call it rough, just involved. It would have been a lot more difficult without everyone's help. Like I said, I enjoyed it and got fed at the end of the day. I can't complain about that.

Originally Posted by Divemaster View Post
Did you wrap them tight and poke just a few holes in the foil (preferred) or leave the foil open a bit
I tried both.

Originally Posted by Divemaster View Post
also, did you put the 'smoke bomb' on the coolest section of the coals?
This is so obvious that I didn't even think of it. The whole time I was placing the 'bomb' right in the middle of the pan. Putting it in a different spot probably would have helped.

Originally Posted by Divemaster View Post
From the pron you posted I don't think you over cooked it, if anything it looked under cooked (not temperature wise, as long as it was over 165* it is fine to eat, just tenderness wise)...
So... I might have needed more time? Interesting. I was going on the internal temp of the roast. Using the guideline of 1-1.5 hours per pound, I decided to check it after 8 hours. The first time I checked, the temp was up over 190, so I checked tenderness with a knife and removed it. That leads me to the question: How do you know when a butt is done, internal temp AND a tenderness check? If so, what is the progression of the tenderness as the meat cooks? Firm, butter, firm (and dry)?
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