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At over 3300 viewing this topic was handled by my recipe called

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The Premise is that I noticed there was a lot of confusion as to the ZENITH that can be reached by a Brisket. The Internal Temperature Theory started with good intentions as many wanted a way to teach how to make brisket in a new way, over the internet. The IT was perfect for this. And as a result, even though one brisket will eb the same temp as the next, it may get done to the "feel" sooner than another. So people began settling on a temperature when ALL briskets should be done.

This is not a good way to tell if you don't use foil. Foil, is going to keep the moisture in but old style methods when you have a few briskets done at, say 170, yes I saw one tender at 170, then anymore cookign and you are drying meat.

The recipe above was to do two things... and it is not BBQ. It is to give a BASE feel for everyone to learn feel with.... IE Cook it this way, for the right time, and you will have the butter feel. If its too tender for your region or for KCBS, say... dial your feel back. But the goal is to get that feel from your pit.

And NO... Do not simply do this in a smoker. Its good eats too.
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