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Well, I've got the meat in the cooker and I'm running into a couple problems. The first is with my wood chips. When I went to get the smoking wood at the store, they only had chips, so that's what I got. These little things are burning up so fast, I feel like I'm wasting them. So, I wrapped some up in foil, poked some holes, and put the pouch directly on the coals. I read that could help them smoke longer, but I'm not getting any smoke from it. Suggestions?

Second, because I'm using a Smoke 'N Grill, the temp is being very inconsistent. I've seen the mods people recommend and I've quickly learned how some of them could help. For instance, the temp was pretty good for the first hour or so, but then it dropped considerably. While I can lower the temp in the cooker by opening up the lid slightly, I don't know of a good way to raise the temp. There is no control of the air intake. So, when the temp dropped, I resorted to adding a bit of coal with tongs through the access door. Keeping in mind that this is a stock SnG, any suggestions on temp control?
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