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Originally Posted by B3 View Post
Ok... I seasoned the can last night and that went well. I was able to get up over 300 pretty easily, and then I started trying to control the temp. I realized there are two very basic ways to adjust the temp: the fire and the air flow. So, question 1 is which is preferred? Does it matter?
I'm cooking on a UDS, but similar ideas apply:

- I found that I do temp control as it's climbing. If I over shoot, it takes some time on my drum to bring it back down. Easier to catch your cook temp on the way up...

- I don't ever change my exhaust, I regulate temp with my air intake. (Or spray bottle it something really get burning way too hot)

- How many coals you start affects how quick your air adjustments take effect. But don't play with the air too much. It takes some time for it to react, settle into a zone and just cruise along.

On the other hand, don't freak out/worry with cook temp on a butt too much. If it spikes for a little to 325, or drops to 200, you didn't ruin it, just adjust and get your smoker back to where you want it.
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