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Ok... I seasoned the can last night and that went well. I was able to get up over 300° pretty easily, and then I started trying to control the temp. I realized there are two very basic ways to adjust the temp: the fire and the air flow. So, question 1 is which is preferred? Does it matter?
Can I say both? Actually if you use the "Minion Method" (this is a great description I found on the VWB site - you shouldn't have all that many problems. I like to try and keep the upper vent open (allowing the smoke to escape) and control the heat with the lower vents. You may find that you don't need them open very much at all, just a hair...

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From this, it sounds like I should give it as much air as possible and adjust the fire accordingly. True? Not?
I like to do it the other way around... If you give it to much air the temp of the cooker is going to really run away from you... Again, the Minion is your friend...

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Question 2 has to do with the left over coal and ash once the food comes off the grate. Do you just let the fire burn out, or can you save the remaining coals in any way?
I like to close the cooker all the way down and just let them die out... I should note that depending on air leakage, this could take a day so don't just toss them into the trash... I have a small metal trash can that I put all of my ashes into and let them cool (usually for a week) before I toss them out...
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