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Originally Posted by early mornin' smokin' View Post
you dont even need a thermometer, when it comes off looking like a big blob of jello, you nailed it,.
Actually, part of the above statement is correct... You really don't need a meat thermometer, the meat come comes with one that is far more accurate than any probe thermometer that you can get. It's custom made for each butt!

Another way of telling if your 'Boston Butt' is done is if you can remove the bone easily and cleanly. What you'll find is that as the roast cooks the meat is going to 'Pull Back' from the bone. Grab the bone with a set of tongs (or if your hands are REALLY callused, your fingers) and give it a tug. If it doesn't move, you've still got a fair amount of time, if it wiggles but doesn't come out easily, your getting close, if it comes out easily, your done, and if you find it next to the smoker and the meat is gone, you need to talk to your neighboor...
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