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Originally Posted by Paul B View Post
OK, now that I have read the ENTIRE thread....... I have a question that I know hasn't been answered....can you really believe that???

As stated I have a coveted SS drum, measures 23" top and bottom, real pretty....hopefully going with everything SS. My question can I get the top off and still use it as a cover?? It is a rolled top and bottom drum. I do want to find a weber like dome lid eventually so I can have two cooking shelves. Sidenote: I have a line on a SS dome lid from Arctic for around $27 plus shipping, may eventually go that route. But in the mean time I would like to salavge my present lit so I can cook whilest looking for a dome.

Any ideas on how to remove a rolled lid and still use it as a lid???


Paul B
HMMmmmmmmmmm, Maybe, just maybe if you cut it out really clean like this pic, but cleaner, you could attach something to the lid to keep it from falling down into the drum and don't add any or minimal exhaust holes. Or you could find something stainless that is flat and bigger and cut a ring out of it to bolt to your top for a sealing rim. Exhaust as normal.

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