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You know elgin is packaging up their links for HEB

And once again, aging is a two part process, tenderness and taste but the processes which cause a change in each are unrelated (one being drying, the other enzume).

Now to the final point. If I say wet aging is inferior to the dry aging as far as taste, and Iowa says it AND your own info basically says that the taste comes from the meat and the blood before its put in the package, and another states that when it is tasted comeing from the package it also says that it has that same characteristic in taste....then can you now add 2 and 2 and get four.... which means that the process of taking meat from the carcass and placing it an vac pack (while it may not stop the initial tenderizing in that 7 to 10 day period) DEFINATELY PRESERVES THE WAY THE MEAT TASTED IN THE DAMN FIRST PLACE, IE, BLOODY AND METALLIC, then is it not safe to say that you are doing ZILCH for the aging process of taste profiles?

In fact, taking it out of the package and re vaccing it with maybe a little air (which is not really vac of course but I see what your doing) There still, once the dripping subsides, is NOWHERE for the liquid to go, which is not the same concept with dry aging as the meat is place on a rack for it to drain. It cannot evaporate in a bag.
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