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I personally do not like to cook meat that I did not supply. I have done it and had problems in the past. Twice I have showed up to find chicken that was frozen hardern a bowling ball. Once I cooked someone's pig that had been fed garbage, and tasted like garbage---it was bad so therefore it was my fault. It seems like you are describing a reputable outfit that has it's own kitchen etc----so all things may be good. I also do not like to trust others with the side dishes---but this place seems reputable.

I would probably run from this event---but if you are going to do it I would make a very complete bill with everthing that you use. That way they see exactly where there money is going---if you just throw out a dollar amount--they will think "Man he is making too much money" I would include in bill:
BBQ Chef @ X amount per hour
BBQ pit rental
Transportation of BBQ pit
Fuel for BBQ pit
Spices for meat
Servers @ X amount per hour
Chafing Tray rental

Cooking for 3 shifts will involve extra hours, extra fuel etc
Do not forget the hours for prep time and clean up time----many people charge only for time on site
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