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Originally Posted by barbefunkoramaque View Post
"As I see it, dry aging or wet aging is the reduction of moisture in the meat resulting in that enzymatic change and enhancement."

You are NOT losing the same amount of moisture in the meat with wetaging as dry aging. That's just science there. Not up for any type of dispute, Second, you say that they are the same.

This is my contention with you.

I am not losing the same amount of moisture because I wet age? Why, because you say so? What science, I have yet for you to tell me WHY your wet aged beef loses more moisture? You start out with two pieces of meat the same size, and yours is less weight because of the waste? Am I to believe that this explaines why your wet aged product has less moisture and concentrated the flavors more? You will have to do better than that Mr. Wizard!

I do enjoy the discourse though!
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