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Originally Posted by Bentley View Post
I guess I am asking you to tell me why? You either agree with the formula or you dont! 2 + 2 is not 5.

Never seen the video.
IT SHOWS a substantial portion of the Sirloin being cut away to fresh meat.
This supports your claim of waste and also counters your claim they are the same.

Okay Cricket, sounds like you want to argue the point.

I have failed to offer much more info because others and even you have made the point already.

"As I see it, dry aging or wet aging is the reduction of moisture in the meat resulting in that enzymatic change and enhancement.

But as I looked closer... I see the problem you are having. Your first contention was "they are the same" with wetaging being less wasteful.

You are NOT losing the same amount of moisture in the meat with wetaging as dry aging. That's just science there. Not up for any type of dispute, Second, you say that they are the same.

If they are the same, why don't you prefer Musky, dried up meat to Wet Aged meat... you have made a case that Wet Aging is the SAME but your evidence says it is Superior.

You cannot logically have it both ways.

You get this?

Finally, you seem to equate Dry Aged beef (which also happens as the side of beef lays on a hook) with 3 day old roadkill, which it is not. This may be a joke but it tips off your prejudice.

Let's compare mine and your claims

Mine (or those that defined in the forum)

Dry Aging is an older practice
DA lowers the moisture in the meat and concentrates flavor
DA tenderizes
DA is superior mostly because it actually IS true aging
WA term came around about the time of the VAC Pack
I prefer DA
DA and WA are different

Your Claims

Wet Aging predates vac packs
DA is inferior because there is too much waste (from The DRIER OUTSIDE and from inedible parts needing to be cut off)
DA is the same as wet aging
DA gets a Musty Taste (that everyone mistakenly defines as "Concentrated" - I think this may be evidence you have had some bad meat)
You somehow believe that there is no correlation to an oxygen environment and reduced moisture to enzyme activity.

If you look closely our claims seem to be one of preference but you have done a brilliant job of showing counter to your suggestion they are the same, that they are not the same, while claiming they are according to your suggestion.

To recap, you cannot prefer something that is essentially the same.
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