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Originally Posted by Smoke & Beers View Post
I've got the little 5 lb tank that came with my CL score Weber Performer...but I want to use this little guy when I hit the road camping or tailgating...with my weed burner to get my coals going.
It has the quick-coupler on it...which I'm guessing was standard issue...
What I need is an adapter for the quick-coupler so I can use my handy-dandy Harbor Freight weed burner with it, but also bring the tank back home and hook it back up to the ol' Performer...

Anyone know where to find one of these adapters? I've looked at several hardware and supply stores with no luck so far...
Anyone have a link to one of these little adapters?

Thanks in advance...


One of my Stainless Steel Performers came with the Quick Release fitting (male end) for refilling the old style (non OPD) propane tanks. You would take it to the refill station and it screws onto the pump nozzle. It fits perfectly on my Harbor Freight weed burner and the guy that refills my tanks has them so I never have to remove it. Its similar to this

I have the little pancake tank that comes with the Char-Broil Patio Caddy gas grill for my weed burner-keep an eye out for them!

Mr. Heater makes QR valves that you need. I know my local Ace Hardware carries them and some Lowes in the grill section, but they aren't cheap-I think I eyeballed them and it would have been over $40 to convert-too much for my cheap a$$!
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