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Guys, I may be wrong,but I put my probe in the Point,the thickes part,and pull when it gets to 190*F. Flat is always sliceably firm,juicy and the fat in the point is mostly rendered out leaving great meat for brundt ends.(however the burndt ends are a consequence of the slicing of the meat as it is served-traditionally). But we usually don't have thay much meat to slice
If you are having a problem with dryness, try to add some beef broth and wrap it in aluminium foil and heat for an additional hour , then wrap and rest in a cooler.Should help
You can get your Bark back by a high heat sear for 5-10min.More hands on ,but I've saved some that way. I hate foil, but it does serve a purposeMostly cleanup
Hope I have helped, and
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