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Originally Posted by gtsum View Post
great looking food there partner! I frequent the main three (Ruth, Mortons, and Flemmings) for work on a regular basis and generally like them (not so much for Flemmings), but I am usually having someone else pay, so that makes it all the better, but generally speaking, I like mine at home on the Primo and lump coal a bit better (assuming I am starting with quality meat!). I do have to disagree with you on the grill vs pan can sear and carmelize (ala pittsburgh black and blue steak) on a ceramic cooker and lump coal at 1000 degrees plus quite well

Well here we go.

Although I am cool with you liking a grilled steak over a pan seared and caramelized one, the process of true carmelization will not occur in your apparatus unless you have something to entirely flat cook it on.

The carmelization will ONLY happen WITH MEAT where the grate meets the meat. A different process entirely happens in pan with a rib eye specifically as even when lain in a naked pan will render enough juices and fat to continue to carmelize with the meat, blood and proper spices. This DOES not efficiently happen on any type of grate.

Lately people have incorrectly been calling certain terms "carmelization" and abusing the term more than the Neeleys use the term "balance."

Just to head you off, no wikipedia or other online cooking source need be submitted. They are simply wrong and can be met evenly with other defs to the contrary.

Should anyone want to personally meet me to disprove this YOU can buy the meat and I will supply the pan and the heat and I will carmelize a steak for you in a pan (or even a wad of ground meat) while you try to carmelize a steak or burger for me on a Grate and then you will know the difference.

Bark is not carmelization by the way.

So to be sure I don't want any of you pro Maillard Browning WHACK jobs to go about corrupting the free pyrolysis groups that farking founded this farking country! We are not promoting extreme pyrolysis of sugars like you guys are saying at all the town hall meetings. That would be farking carbonization.... which is partly what is happening BETWEEN all the grate marks on your flame kist steak! Unless you get the fire right then that is not happening. No! We stand for simple controled pyrolysis of sugars that occur when a steak is face down on a flat surface and the heat is partially controlled by the mass of cooler meat above it.

Gad darnit I want my farking country back! You Maillard believers that CONFUSE that reaction with carmelization.... why don't you go somwhere else.... trying to pass off lies that a piece of toast in a toaster is the same as a piece of toast lain down in meat dripping in a pan. People should bring their firearms too to kitchens all across america so we can stamp out this scourge!
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