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I'm not rocket scientist but...
Well more mass is going to take more energy to raise the temp.
All things being equal if all the settings stayed the same from a lesser weight of meat cook to a higher weight of meat to cook the difference would be time. Meaning more fuel consumed over that time variant.

I dunno I stayed at a holiday inn once.

Originally Posted by Hugh Jorgan View Post
What effect does all that extra meat have on the combustion?

That is a LOT of fat dripping down onto the fire. Also, 42.5 # of meat is a lot of thermal mass to heat up. I noticed with two full racks that my UDS behaved differently than with just one rack half full. I used a new brand of charcoal so I don't know what the problem was.

I know better. Only do one thing different each time so you know if it had any effect.

Anyway, do you guys get a longer burn time with less meat?
Is it easier to maintain temp one way or the other?
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