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i always did packer cuts. 13lbs or better. Cookin a brisket is just plain labor of love. You do it cause ya want to, not cause ya have to. I did a trimmed flat tonight from costco. Was done in about 8 hours. WAs great, was good, was edible and is half eatin rihght now, even though its still in the oven. Tate any diifferent than a packer, nope.

bu cookin a packer is a gauge at how good ya are. My first packer was converted to dog food after 2 days. The second one was nirvana, like eating a stick of butter and have not been able to duplicate it since, but all nighters is part of Q'in.

The way I have always done it is time it so the brisket is either breakfast, or lunch. Put it in at noon on Friday, and you have brisket for breakfast on Saturday. Its usually done by 12-2AM and it gets collered for the rest of the time. Or go for the all nighter, witht he remote nu-temp next to you and living on 45 minute catnaps.

Then theres Al's charcoal basket which will give you a 6-8 hour nap while it babysits the fire.
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