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lets see... one is 14 pounds... the other is 7... and bigger is aways better... answer your question???

ok enough of the smart ass response... I've never done a trimmed (7 pound) brisket... there are so many good things to do with the "point" on the big briskets... not the least of which is making a pot of brisket chili... which is DAMN GOOD... you can also make chopped beef sammiches... what I want to do the next time I make brisket is to smoke till done then trim the "point" off and put it back in for a while to get it good and black... then freeze it and use it for chili... the more black on the brisket the better IMHO...

I dont know how hard it is to keep a trimmed flat hydrated... but it is EASY keeping a big one hydrated, plenty of fat...

just my 2 cents...

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