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Default 5 lb flat vs 14 lb packer brisket

I'm probably gonna jump into my first brisket next weekend, and I'm curious about something.

I don't see why you can't smoke a few five-pound flats instead of one big ass packer that's gonna take you 16 hours to smoke. Each flat should only take about 7 hours or so and you aren't up until the wee hours of morning or night tending a fire. The problem I have with doing a whole packer is that I either have to get up at 3:00 in the morning and start a fire or stay up late at night and not eat any brisket until the next day.

Can you really taste a difference? If the flat has a decent fat cap on it and you keep it moist, shouldn't it be just as good as a whole packer? Since I've never done a brisket I have no idea.

A similar example is pork shoulder. Costco had whole pork shoulders on sale a few weeks ago, and they were over 15 pounds. I just cut it up into 4 big "chunks" and smoked each one for 7 hours or so, and the que came out great. Would I have really tasted a difference if I smoked the whole shoulder for 15 hours?
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