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Default The $32 Dollar Steak - Pron

My Birthday the other day was a wonderful event but, well, considering what I do someone thought they should take me to a steakhouse. Now I Hate steakhouses as more often than not, with exceptions being maybe Ruth's Chris and The Butcher Block in Tennessee (order the Steak cooked by them), I am always dissatisfied with either the Taste, and if not that the value.

This one place, Perrys in Friendswood had a Porterhouse that was maybe 3/4 inch only and though they said it was 16 It looked a lot like 12. They say it was aged in their own "Aging Lockers" and it was small, tough, wasn't cooked right, not particularly flavorful (I am sure it was wet aged - which - isn't really aging at all really), and worst of all $32. Potato was extra.

Anyway, my son's behavior that day earned him a trip to the Van for the first time in his life. It was funny, my wife laughing as I took him to the van crying, entered it and she was looking for the van to rock a bit. He got his first taste of "what happens when daddy says "you want me to take you to the car?"

Anywho.... the purpose of this post is photographic proof of why you should not go out for a steak. PLUS I GOT A NEW NIFTY DIGITAL CAM, Cannon Powershot SX10 IS.

Attachment 30745
Steak with Popdaddy's Butt Glitter (Now Facing Down on the Grates) on one side and Bovine Dirty Dalmatian Rub on the top side.

My wife got CHOICE BONE IN ribeyes, 1 1/2 thick for 16 bucks! Here is the Pron.
Attachment 30746
Butt Glitter Up

Attachment 30747
Three Steaks Lending Their Juices in a Rest

I think the price was maybe $3.69 on special. One of the best Gas Grilled steaks I have ever had. Maybe a decent pan seared steak could beat it. RibEyes lend themselves to pan searing and carmelization quite well that you cannot attain on a fire grill.

Attachment 30748
Mom Now Understands the Value of a Dollar - The Whole Meal Cost Under $30

Attachment 30749
Joey (16 months) Looks at my Vittles

Attachment 30750
Son Jake Eying My Steak
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