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Default Liquid smoke, Anyone?

Hello, All,
I'm new to the Brethren and this is my first post. Actually I went to the recipes section and learned I had to post a few times before I can get access. I'm living in Northern Thailand where pork and chicken are plentiful, cheap and good. Beef, not so much IMHO. Anyway, I splurged on a Weber 22 1/2 " kettle and so far that's my only cooking apparatus. Wood chips are generally available (alder, mesquite and hickory). Not sure about cherry. I just had a friend bring back from the States a bottle of commercial liquid smoke. Won't mention the brand name for fear of violating some term and condition that I swore I read and accepted. What Do you guys think of liquid smoke as an additive to BBQ sauce or as a marinade? And please tell me I'm not banned as a heretic! Thanks for any and all replies. AlaskaGent
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