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I can't believe I read the whole the thing and made one too!!

Some questions I have about the smoking of meat.

I have smoked some ribs and a brisket. One thing that happens is the meat gets rather dry. Should I brush on a coating of what ever after the meat is smoked. I notice that the meat has pulled away from the bones nicely. I have not marinated or basted the meat while it has been smoking should I baste more and marinate?

Also I have 3 one inch holes in the bottom of the drum and it seems that the coals do not get hot enough. It gets a steady 170 to 190F stays there for 4 hours then drops. If I take off the top almost instantly it gets hotter. Should I have more holes in the bottom?

I wonder also if I should have larger vent holes in the bottom of the basket for the charcoal brickets. Seems like the ash doesn't get a chance to fall and let fresh air get to the remaining brickets.

Does the bottom of the basket need to have large slats or large enough for the fine ash to fall and leave remaining brickets to burn?
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