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Originally Posted by grills gone wild View Post
I am just about finished with my attempt at a UDS, thanks to this thread.

Only thing left is to add the supports for the top rack paint it and some stove gasket to seal the lid. ( there is a piece of red rope on it in the pictures for testing).

One question, I get the drums from a drum recycler in woburn mass, $20, they run all the drums through a giant furnace that removes all the original paint and any traces of what was in the drum. They usually sell them pained on the inside and outside. I grabbed one that was only painted on the outside. The inside was as left as it was burned, pretty much bare metal, but with a little surface rust because it sat for a while. How much of that surface rust should i get off it?

I would just do a light sanding and then put some Pam, I used the BBQ stuff(high Temp) to season it and it should keep if from rusting anymore.
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