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Default it doesn't sound as though you want to do any leg work. WRONG

Originally Posted by Roo-B-Q'N View Post
Thanks C Rocke. Yeah I could do that and have it built to what they are asking and when I'm living at a different place I should exspect the local HD bring in their view points to me? really asking if any of the membersio have them.

Smoky Bear

I had ours built AFTER talking to the HD. You could of course just build and then have to tear everything out when it doesn't pass inspection. But to each his own.

You can do a search on trailers here and get a wealth of information but it doesn't sound as though you want to do any leg work.[/quote]
Roo-B-Q'N, Wow where did that come from? You wrote "it doesn't sound as though you want to do any leg work" thats wrong. I'm just asking if I build it while I live here in Florida and it is according to not only Florida's and my counties HD Spec'd and in six months I'm living in somewhere in the Southweast! My question does one State HD dictate a different setup from each another. Give me a break here, thats the reason I'm asking here before I even build it. I want to hear from other members where they put their tanks.... Front or Back? Did they make it out of wood siding or a cargo trailer. I have seen many different varieties on the Net and wanted to see what the people say here. Another thing, my writting here is a part of my LEG WORK!
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