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Originally Posted by jswordy View Post
OK, looking at it last night, I cannot flatten out the lid enough to get over the rolled edge, which is 23" in diameter (I tried it a bit, and it is not going to go). Inside, the barrel is 22 1/4", while the Weber lid is 22 3/4" inside the lip. That means that if I put a piece of steel around the inside, I will have 1/2 inch of slop side to side.

Not sure what to do. I may wind up cutting the top lip off the Weber grill itself, and tacking that to the barrel, then sealing it up.

What you think, guys?
There are different sizes of 55 gallon barrels. I had a couple of extra barrels I was going to build UDS's out of and was test fitting the lid I made for one barrel onto another barrel and it wouldn't fit. Since I had already welded the Weber lid to fit the first barrel I wasn't able to see how much larger I needed to make the strip of sheet metal for the second barrel and if or not it would fit the Weber lid. From what you have told me, maybe I will have to form a lip on the edge of the strip of sheet metal and tack weld that to the hammered out Weber lid to get it to fit properly. It might be more work than putting a strip of metal inside the drum but I sure like the way my lid fits the first barrel. Anyway those's are my thoughts.
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