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somebody shut me the fark up.

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From the standpoint of someone that has worked on snack bar, catering hut and park buildings, I can tell you that the health department thing does not have to be horrible. We make an effort to contact the agency, honestly lay out what we are doing and get a solid list of requirements to work from. Take names and make calls, communication is gonna be key.

What C Rocke said is really important, when I was cooking is a restaurant, every day that I did not do exactly the same thing, people noticed. Consistency is really important. People who cook commercially must be able to produce the same level and taste of product or they will not develop the clientele that is crucial to success. Also, really consider sourcing of ingredients, our restaurant owner never did that and it was a problem. Often I ended up running around at 3pm looking for ingredients for the kitchen to open at 5pm. That really was bad business. Losing those two hours to shopping was bad for prep.
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