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Originally Posted by SteevieG View Post
I have no experience cooking for money.

He can talk to anyone about most anything and nobody doesn't like him.

Add to the fact that, while everyone seems to likes my 'que, I have no experience at all in the business. I have a WSM and a small off-set, that's all. I do think my food is quality and people would enjoy it, but I would definately have to upgrade my equipment. I would start smallish, but there will be, to me, a significant cash investment. I'm guessing in the $4, 000 range just to get started. My thought is 4 of the 22-1/2" WSMs and a trailer I have already. Then I'd need to get warmers, and other things. Maybe $4,000 is high but that's the number I have in my head.

The other guys covered the big points such as legal etc but I have to say that unless you can build a cooker yourself then 4,000 is too low and you don't want several cookers going at the same time, one rig and a grill would be ideal IMO. Granted I startd off with 150.00 in my pocket but I had the free use of a pub kitcken and made about 40.00 on a Saturday cooking all day for customers and saved every penny I could. The family ate left over BBQ till the next weekend and so forth and so on.

All I can say is if you are going to do it then head face first and get stuck in. Remember never stop pushing forward no matter how thick that wall is!

Best of luck to you.

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