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Originally Posted by TEAM SATCHELL View Post
I got a Miller light! Hey man it doesn't say anything in the rule book about having to post pictures. I was just sharing info about something people might want to try.

I paid for the year to be a member of this site and just because I haven't posted pics yet, doesn't mean I should be condemed for not posting any.

Do I need to show my pics of my three first place and one seventh place win in BBQ Sauce; fifth in chicken, a sixth and seventh place win in pork, and one first place win in baked beans over six competitions in only my first year?

Besides recipe pics, tell me what you got.

As a person who didn't pay for my membership (though I intend to support the Brothers), IMHO the Brethren are the most inclusive and accepting group of people I have ever met. They, including myself, assume nothing about you or your accomplishments (impressive as they are). Everyone respects each other as having something to share, even a newbe like myself is respected and appreciated.

All that being said: The expression, "This thread is useless without pictures" when taken in the context of the Brethren culture, simply means "Sounds GREAT! I would love to see some pictures!" The phrase has developed a meaning as it has been used in many, many threads. It is meant only in good spirits. Pictures are the fun part.

As with most relationships among brothers, there can be a bit of playful jabs and sarcastic comments on the forum. Those comments are ALWAYS meant with respect and appreciation. I believe those comments, especially those that must be understood with respect to the Brethren culture, add to the brotherhood atmosphere that this forum has. Misunderstandings do happen of course. In my limited experience, however, they have ALWAYS been misunderstandings and not intentional.

*Disclaimer: This is my observation as a forum member with limited experience. If anybody feels that I have spoken for them, or spoken incorrectly, please feel free to correct me. I'll apologize immediately.

Now, Lengua is fantastic if it is done right. Your recipe sounds good. Pictures would be awesome. If you have experience with lengua, some tips on how to smoke those big tongues would be really appreciated. Thanks for sharing brother, I look forward to learning from your experience and expertise.

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