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Default Unique, it seems anyway, opportunity

I have no experience cooking for money. I cook for friends and family. One of my friends and business associates has recently purchased a vacant service station on about an acre of land that he plans to use as a landscape shop (mulch, fertilizer, etc.). He has been a very successful landscaper for many years.

The property he bought is on a very busy road between Atlanta and Athens Georgia and according to the survey he quoted has between 40,000 and 60,000 cars a day go by. He has asked me to have a 'roadside' barbeque stand on his property. No rent and he'll supply me with all the wood I need. He owns many acres of timber land as well. He is also the best salesman I've ever seen. He can talk to anyone about most anything and nobody doesn't like him.

One issue that concerns me is the location. It sounds great, but I don't know. On one side is a Waffle House and on the other is a Burger King. If that isn't enough there is a Shane's Rib Shack directly across the street, clearly visible, in a Kroger shopping center... Daunting competition perhaps.

Another issue is that I do have a 40 hour + per week job. Now, I live close to work and the property in question is even closer so proximity isn't really an issue.

Add to the fact that, while everyone seems to likes my 'que, I have no experience at all in the business. I have a WSM and a small off-set, that's all. I do think my food is quality and people would enjoy it, but I would definately have to upgrade my equipment. I would start smallish, but there will be, to me, a significant cash investment. I'm guessing in the $4, 000 range just to get started. My thought is 4 of the 22-1/2" WSMs and a trailer I have already. Then I'd need to get warmers, and other things. Maybe $4,000 is high but that's the number I have in my head.

My head is spinning with the fantastic possibilities, but the potential problems as well. Any advice wil be most welcomed. I'm sure there are several thousand things I haven't even thought of (I have thought of permits and licenses, etc) and need to know about.

Please help!!! Please?

18.5" WSM
22.5 WSM
And a nice propane grill that gets very little use anymore...
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