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Thumbs up New UDS Lid, New UDS Heat Shield, and tester cooks (PRON)

I had unfortunately lost my BBQ grill lid that fit so nicely on my 85 gal UDS lid. So, I took the lid that came with my drum, tried burning paint off with my propane torch, and managed to warp it out of shape .

Got new lid from buddy (luckily), SANDED the paint off, and modified with handle and a few holes.

Immediately proceeded to test new lid and heat shield by smoking a 4 lb piece of pork butt Kahlua pork style. I found me some hawaiian salt at a nearby japanese store, Marukay, and found some frozen banana leaves, and a florist that carries Ti leaves. Rubbed the butt with the hawaiian salt, DID NOT use the called for liquid smoke, wrapped it up in the banana leaves then the ti leaves and smoked for about 3 hrs at 325 - 350 degrees.

While at Marukay, I bought some short grained (sushi) rice, rice vinegar, seaweed sheets, immitation crab, avocado, cucumber, a bamboo rolling sheet, and also made some sushi rolls. Not bad for my first time.

"Strategically" (ok, randomly) placed holes in 55 gal drum lid

Covered bottom of charcoal basket with charcoal, then placed oak wine barrel pieces on top of coals.

and covered with charcoal

My first sushi roll. Looked like a burrito. I think I overstuffed it!

Pulled the but apart, almost like pulled pork. Served up with some homemade fried rice Benihana style, and some sushi roll. NICE! Eclectic, but nice!! LMAO

Then today, I had to try some spare ribs. They cooked very nice. Did not wrap, just left on for just over 5 hrs at between 215 - 250 degrees. I think the heat shield helped to keep the ribs on bottom rack from becomeing too blackened. I also had to drop my top rack about 5" from the top where it was originally set. Over all, a great cook on the drum. I think I'm gonna like the heat shield, and my new lid is awesome too!

I left this rack dry. No sauce at end of cook. None after cook. Only rub.

I also tried making a sauce today. I used apple cider vinegar as per recipe. I am not a big fan of vinegar, and the odor was overwhelming. I thought I had put too much, so I over compensated with extra molases! Now it was way too sweet. So I added ketchup (originally started with tomato sauce). Then a little worschtershier sauce. It turned out pretty good, but next time, I will go with very little or no vinegar at all.

So these ribs, I did sauce at the end of teh cook. Very nice glaze. Me likey!

So, truly a weekend of firsts for me. First time with heat shield. First time with new lid. First time Kahlua pork. First time making sushi rolls. Good times. Family was pretty happy!
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