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Originally Posted by david
I've never tried a butt much larger than a 7#.

I cook everything as "lazy" as I can. That means no messing with the food except to slap on some liquid every hour or so. Really don't like messing around with the cooler, unless it's something that will be sliced or I have to hold done food for a long time. If your gonna pull it just get it up to temp, maybe let it sit on the counter till it's cool enough to handle (maybe not), and pull it.

I also, don't have the temp in the cooker very constant when I'm cooking. Could be anywhere from 225 - 300. Doesn't seem to make any difference when doing a butt. Ribs at 300, however... mmm, crunchy.

I don't think you can really mess up a butt, as long as it's fat side up. I tried removing the fat cap before cooking last time. Not bad, but not as good as with it left on.
i've tried butts as large as 12-13#. its a pain over 8.

The best i've ever done was for a softball tournament my girls played in. I qued roughly 75# of butt (about 8 butts on the diamond). started around 7:00 on friday night. by lunch on Saturday, I had 6 trays of some of the best pulled, chopped, chipped, and sliced butt you could imagine. cooked at about 200-225.

the bitch of it all was 1) staying awake and 2) pulling the pork (my hands were sore for days....). sold 1/4lb for 4.50 per with barbecue cole slaw and pickles on a hamburger bun. it sold so fast that all but 1 tray was gone in about 1.5 hrs. and I didn't even get to eat it!!

and crowd went wild!!!
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