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somebody shut me the fark up.
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Welcome! I too use an ECB along with my horizontal smoker and gas grill, turkey fryer, etc. :D

The ECB doesn't need much burn in - small charcoal fire and a couple of hours would do it.

Good questions!!

1. Already answered this -- if you've got time burn it in, if not it'll be burned in after the first cook :D

2. Bags of wood chunks are everywhere! I use a lot of oad out of my yard and am going to pick up some at my mom-in-laws when she has a small oak removed from her yard (too close to the house). With the ECB I think charcoal with some wood chunks works best -- longer burns than wood only and you have to take the thing apart to refuel :D I usually start a chunk or two with my first chimney of charcoal and then add another chunk or two to the "minion" pile.

3. I dump them in my flower (yeah, right!) beds. It is an issue. Some guys get a barrel and put them in there and then dump the barrel now and then. Thing can get heavy! Cool ashes can be put in the trash and that's OK as long as the ashes are cooled :D

Bill is so right about the electronic thermometer -- even a cheap Pyrex works fine. Actually two (or a model with two probes) would be nice - one for the meat and one for the chamber. Be patient because you can't rush the pork no matter what you do -- more heat will just toughen it up.
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