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Default I'm a rookie, and looking for answers!

Wow, I've spent hours this week pouring over this website (and forums, and FAQ's), plus reading a grilling FAQ (300 pages) that a buddy emailed me with all kinds of bbq'ing information..... BUT, I'm excited!

I got a Weber Silver 22.5" charcoal grill this past summer, but was only able to use it starting in December when we bought a house (stupid apartments- no grills!). So I've been cooking on that a lot, trying burgers, steaks, chicken, etc.... Tonight, RIBS! I'm very excited about trying ribs.

Tomorrow night (Sat) I want to use my new ECB and try my first pork butt. I've already got the butt rubbed and in the fridge. I've got the ECB all assembled and ready to go. But, I've got a few questions left that I was hoping some of you more experienced Q'ers could answer for me:

1. Do you need to "break in" an ECB like I read about people breaking in their Bandera's? (If so I'll have to do that today/tonight I guess)

2. Where do you buy your smoking/cooking wood? My Dad's a straight LP griller, so we've never had wood around our house for cooking (and he's had a gas fireplace for years), so I have no knowledge of where I can get or where I should look for wood for bbq'ing with. (For now, I have Kingsford charcoal & one small bag of Cowboy Charcoal [lump] that I can use, plus some wood chips for smoking on the Weber)

3. What about the ashes? Once everything is said and done, what do you do with all your cold ashes? Bag 'em and throw 'em in the trash? Dump 'em in the yard? (I've been doing such small quantities so far that I can bag 'em once they're cold and put 'em in my trash, but I don't want to make a habit of that unless that's the standard procedure- it just seems like that would be a fire hazard to me)

Thanks for your time and your answers guys! I look forward to learning a lot here!!

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