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Originally Posted by Spydermike72 View Post
Tony, I might disagree with you on a few points. I own a Lang for catering and my firebox is not rusty and I do not have a blazing fire going in it either to keep it going. It is all in fire managment and upkeep. If you treat your Lang like a cast iron skillet it will be beautiful for years to come (I have an older model, so I cant speak on the newer model). While we will be using the 84 for comps this year, I agree, that is a bit of overkill for a comp. I myself prefer a Backwoods for Comps, but that is my preference.

As for catering, I guess it is all up to the pitmaster and what they are comfortable with. We have to add a log about every 1-1.5 hours or so, that is not too much for me....
I support this statement!

People "upgrade" when they start doing jobs of 300+ on a consistent basis. Moreover, BBQ catering does not mean overnight cooks day in and day out! Fire management in a stickburner is critical and as I said earlier. If you are consistently catering to the masses, you are paying someone to add a log to the fire anyway. This is my fourth season of catering with my fabricated stickburner. My only regret is that I did not shell out the extra
bucks for a Klose. 50% of catering is grilling more or less YMMV! For exapmle, this is a sweet "stick burning" catering rig.
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