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Originally Posted by Spydermike72 View Post
Tony, I might disagree with you on a few points. I own a Lang for catering and my firebox is not rusty and I do not have a blazing fire going in it either to keep it going. It is all in fire managment and upkeep. If you treat your Lang like a cast iron skillet it will be beautiful for years to come (I have an older model, so I cant speak on the newer model). While we will be using the 84 for comps this year, I agree, that is a bit of overkill for a comp. I myself prefer a Backwoods for Comps, but that is my preference.

As for catering, I guess it is all up to the pitmaster and what they are comfortable with. We have to add a log about every 1-1.5 hours or so, that is not too much for me....
As I said, we are all passionate about our smokers, I was just sharing what I know, the Lang is a bargain reverse flow offset smoker. I can think of better but definitely not cheaper offset smokers that I would prefer to use in the catering business. How much wood do you use for one competition?

I never said they wouldn't work in the catering business. But ask yourself, what offset smoker would you rather have if cost was not an option (staying under $8k-$10k) and the Lang probably would not be at the top of your list, possibly not even on the first page. Tell you what, give me your top 10 offset smoker list.

The pitmaster is definitely part of the equation, I just know that if I don't have to dicker with the pit I can put my full concentration into the customer service. That is the part of the job that brings in the additional jobs.
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