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I know that we are all passionate about our cookers but sometimes that clouds our ability to make sound judgement when purchasing a cooker for efficient catering.

Would I buy a Lang to do catering? No, if you notice that all of those Lang fire boxes are rusted you realize that the fire needs to be blazing, that is how they get rusted. Would I use a Lang to compete? I wouldn't but many folks do. I just hate the thought of feeding a whole tree into a smoker for one brisket, a couple racks of ribs and a but. I am not trying to badmouth the Lang, I just hate to see folks make the mistake of buying one to cater only to realize that they have made a mistake later because they were trying to be cheap.

I use a Stumps now, would I buy a Stumps to cater? NO, the capacity is limited plus you have to rotate the racks when you do fill it up which equals work. I have been doing this for the last year and a half and it can be a job. With small amounts of meat where you just utilize the top three racks this thing is wonderful. Would I use a Stumps to compete, hell yeah! for smaller amounts of meat I wouldn't own anything else, I know of no other cooker that can cook two days of the Royal on one bag of charcoal and maintain temperatures of 225 degrees plus or minus a half degree.

Earlier in this post, someone stated that you could do 15 pork butts in the stumps, well you better have plenty of layers of foil in there and swap them often, because there will be a boat load of grease flowing and you will need to get it out of that smoker of you risk the chance of a flare-up. Will this happen everytime, maybe not, but it will happen 99.99% of the time. I think the bigger problem than the flare-up will be the airflow though. I have done this many times and know from experience. Again, Stumps equal great comp cooking but are limited on capacity.

Where I wouldn't use the Lang, I would definitely use an offset that had an insulated fire box. I know folks who can get extended cooks with very little wood, we see them at every comp. I didn't mean to offend anybody that owns a Lang, but we all know that those folks always upgrade.

I am still leaning towards the rotisserie and will probably pick one up next month when my catering picks up. I have been dodging jobs due to the summer heat. I talked to the ABS folks and they stated that I can do an all night cook on about 5 bags of charcoal with a few sticks of wood mixed in. Does that sound about right?
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