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The_Kapn 11-15-2004 04:37 PM

Sponsorship-Marketing-Southern Brethren Comments

Add a ringer to the demo!
Actually, our "contact" with the sponsor is a frustrated "Que Wanna-Be".
I presented our "case" and wound up giving a Bandera 101 class.
So, as the "20 minute scheduled" meeting evolved into an hour--I just gave up and said, "We will show/teach you" :lol:
So, we will--on that weekend--sorry!


BrooklynQ 11-15-2004 05:02 PM

Are you looking for sponsors for your BBQ team or for the business?

chad 11-15-2004 05:09 PM

Since Tim is offline for a bit I'll step in:

Tim and I are approaching our team as a business. We'll probably have to draw up business papers soon to keep "our" business (the team) seperate from "my" business the catering.

The sponsor is for the team side of the business - we're hoping to develop synergy between the two distinct but related businesses and each will help the other.

I'm sure Tim will further clarify - I'm just the cook. :D

The_Kapn 11-15-2004 05:44 PM


Originally Posted by BrooklynQ
Are you looking for sponsors for your BBQ team or for the business?

Answer is Yes and Yes :lol:
They are both "businesses". Fun and profit oriented on both sides!

These are two legal entities, the Team and the Catering, which compliment and support each other, just as competitors with "sauce sales", "equipment sales", etc. blend together.

The reality is--if a team is not "sponsored" in an adequate way, it can not survive or compete on the circuits with only "winnings"!
I could be wrong, but I doubt it!

DF and I are not poor, but we can not afford to compete @ $500-$700 per event as a hobby. And we intend to do 20+ events in 2005. Gets to be mega-bucks :oops:

So, I went looking for a "deep pocket" sponsor, found them, got the door open, got an advocate "inside" on our side, and will "smooge" them on Dec 11th!

Basic marketing 101!

Moderators--"interesting split to competetion"????
TIM (still)

jminion 11-15-2004 08:14 PM

I created a company as soon as I started competing, lots of good reasons for it but number one it makes competitions advertizing for the company, get catering gigs and now the teaching I'm doing can be made part of the whole picture, write off with the Feds makes much easier to compete. Good plan.
Good luck!

The_Kapn 11-15-2004 09:05 PM


Originally Posted by jminion
I created a company as soon as I started competing, lots of good reasons for it but number one it makes competitions advertizing for the company, get catering gigs and now the teaching I'm doing can be made part of the whole picture, write off with the Feds makes much easier to compete. Good plan.
Good luck!

Jim--that is it in a nutshell! Thanks!!

Too many $ for a hobby (unless you are a rich Dude), and must be approached as a business.
Never gonna get rich (most of us) but it is a valid profession with income and expenses! :lol:
Hopefully profit results. I will gladly pay my taxes on valid income!

We all have bills to pay and this is just like the Plumber, Banker, or ???? :lol:

Df and I are learning big lessons about sponsorships as I write.
I am "exploring the edges of reality" to see what can be done!
I figure the worst they can do is "throw me out"!
I will "dust the shame off" and talk to someone else :lol:

I do know that The Southren Brethren has a plan for 2005 and that we can not do it without sponsorship! :roll:
Period, end of discussion.
Any "potential winnigs" are a "crapshoot" and not an element of our plannng!

The_Kapn 11-16-2004 09:30 AM

I have received several PM's about sponsorships and given some partial (half-assed) replies.
Figured I would just pull my thoughts together and put them out here.

Now, we have not "signed on the dotted line yet" and the projects we have going can "head South" in a heartbeat :oops:
We are at Step Six with our major proposal and expect to move forward or abandon the project next week.

This is just my thoughts and opinions and I am sure the guys who have been through this process will correct my statements :oops:

LONG, But a real major part of getting a team up and running--I think!



We are Advertising for sponsors- nothing more or less.
We must accept that to start with and build on it!

Advertising and marketing are routine expenses to most businesses, the dollar amounts and ratios vary by industry.
But, advertising budgets are HUGE!

Sponsors must see a potential return on their investment or they will not "play".

Step one- Identify the people you "touch". In our BBQ case--blue collar working class-mostly families. Almost all racial and ethnic groups love BBQ, so a large audience base. BBQ is more "active" in some geographical areas, but exists everywhere to the best of my knowledge. So, good or great market almost everywhere in US.

Step two- Identify sponsors who need this type of customer. The only businesses I can think of that would probably not be interested are the "high-end" or snobbish I doubt that SAKS or Neiman Marcus would be good candidates. But, that would not stop me from asking! You never know.

Step three- Create a "hopefully new and interesting" plan to bring the sponsor and public together. Tailor it to your potiential sponsor. With our current proposal, we are offering some personal appearances and maybe some "cook on site" options. They are very intersested in this concept.

Step four- Do your research on the sponsor and put it in writing as a "concept". A page or two is adequate.
Avoid details and commitments at this stage. Focus on the mutual benefits to both parties! Give them options and ranges to work with!
Consider "personal appearances at Sponsor's events", Web site tie-in, logo and banners on equipment, and whatever makes sense for the sponsors needs.

Careful here--Evaluate your time and expense requirements against the needs of the sponsor! If you are offering a lot of time to them, they should be compensating you for your time! Do not commit to 200 hours of time for a $1000 sponsorship. That is a whole $5 per hour!

Look at the cost of a single !/8 page ad in the local "Yellow Pages" to see the money invested in "advertising"--HUGE!
This affects your pricing in your market area. And we BBQ teams are advertising--nothing more or less! Can't stress that too much!

Step five- Present it to the sponsor in person (starts to build relationship), with a paper version to "kick up the line" to Corp HQ if needed. Show your past results (good bad and indifferent), experience, and (most importantly) your plan to improve. Be honest and realistic or it will come back to bite you! Emphasise the potiental benefits to the sponsor, but don't exagerate and make promises you can not keep.

Step six- wait patiently!

Step seven- Receive offer from sponsor. Study it. Look for "ups and downs" for both sides. Look for liabilities and "bail out" clauses for both sides Sit down and reach an agreement that is beneficial and productive for both sides. This is a partnership, no matter what it is callled. Both sides must benefit.

Step eight--Sign or modify the agreement and move on! It must be in writing! Legal document with tax implications! Another story there!

Step nine--go cook something!

In our case, I suggested two levels with little details or promises, just concepts--maybe $10-20K or $50-75K per year. Dude did not blink! Wants a "lesson in BBQ in Dec 11th and then???. Who knows from there!

Other potential Sponsors???
Any business or person that wants to influence our "market" in your region.

Hell, my "bug guy" came by this morning. Fed him some Que I had re-heating. Visited (actually whined) about the huge $ needs for competeting and the need for sponsorships.
He said, "Company is pushing 'Food Safe Bug Control' and he would talk to bosses about a sponsorship" So--go figure!!!!!

Might be Real Estate, Financial, Transportation, Food Service (I would be careful here), Plumbing, Hardware sales, or "whatever".
I doubt that the "heavyweights" in BBQ will sponsor you. They are in the business of selling to teams, not building new business.

One team that competes regionally here has $75K in cash sponsorships from 3 major National Transportion Companies!--Go figure.
None of the sponsors even have a big banner on his trailer! None of them seem to be related to our "audience" in any way I can see.

That is called 'super- salesmanship" I guess!

But, it has been done.

Positive Marketing Attitude!


chad 11-16-2004 02:01 PM

Other places to look - maybe for smaller sponsorship needs:

Get to know your local commercial refridgeration guy - in case you hadn't noticed we use a LOT of ice. Might even be able to score a used machine or transport cabinet.

A local or regional fabricator - even if he won't go a rig he might discount modifications or trailer work.

If you have local food locker operations - they might discount or provide your meat.

Need a trailer every so often or a hitch on your truck/car/SUV - talk to your hitch or trailer rental guy or a local fabricator - you might be surprised that they'll let you use the stuff for some advertising.

This is the kind of "figuring" I do every evening and while I'm driving around between my offices.

Trout_man22 11-16-2004 06:15 PM


Good luck with everything.


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