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N8man 08-28-2010 02:51 PM

Beautiful Carolina Saturday DrumPit Smoke
Up early this morn to get my smoke on....Have to mow the equivalent of a Football Field sometime in between cooking today also....
Yesterday I purchased three goodly sized butts

for .99 cent a pound....

Injected with Apple Cider and Excalibur Custom Pork BBQ Rub that my good friend Chambersuac sent to me and let rest in the Fridge overnight.
This morning rubbed it well two fold, with the Excalibur and a little something I made...

Fired up the DrumPit and waiting on temp and sweet blue...

Butts are on!!!! Smoking with a mixture of Cherry and Hickory @ 225*

Dew is overabundant on the while I wait for it to dry off to mow I started on my Bacon ThrowDown Entry....
Pig Newtons....:becky:

Basic Newton with Cream Cheese..

Wrapped in a half slice of Bacon

Filled up a bowl...Looks like tiny Pork Pillows of Goodness....

Look at those Sexy Butts!!!!

Pig Newtons are on!!!

1.5 hours later Pig Newtons are done!!! I wanted the bacon done but not crispy....

Big Ol' Pile of them bad boys....

When I took the Newtons off I put on a pan of Keri Cs Hog Apple Beans

Well, Hey there!! Come here often? You look so lonely there by your self...

Ohhh BayBee!!!!:wink:

Next time I will try the Pig Newtons with Goat Cheese
and drizzle them with a fine aged Balsamic when they're done....

Gotta go finish mowing........:tsk:

milehigh 08-28-2010 02:58 PM

Pig Newtons :becky::becky::becky::becky:
Killed me with that one


jestridge 08-28-2010 03:21 PM

very creative!!!!

BluesDaddy 08-28-2010 03:28 PM

Never would've thought of the Pig Newtons. The bacon doesn't look quite done enough for me, but the idea seems wonderful.

Groundhog66 08-28-2010 03:33 PM

Would love to know how the Pig Newtons taste :thumb: I am in agreement with the statement above, the bacon needs more time IMO.

bluetang 08-28-2010 05:53 PM

My girl just saw the Pig Newtons.(Loves the Newtons). She hasn't been the same since she saw yours.:thumb: I don't think she coming back:wink: Seriously.

N8man 08-28-2010 06:58 PM

There's only one sure way to know:wink:


Originally Posted by Groundhog66 (Post 1384044)
Would love to know how the Pig Newtons taste :thumb:

BBQ Grail 08-28-2010 07:50 PM

I thought my Bacon Wrapped Oreo cookies were've topped that one.

Excellent day...excellent grub...

che22879 08-28-2010 09:00 PM

awesome pics! I'm hungry now!

pinehollow 08-28-2010 09:36 PM

Those pig newtons look very interesting! Thanks for sharing.
Look forward to seeing hoe the rest turns out.

N8man 08-28-2010 09:39 PM

Butts are done!!!!
Tale of the Tape, 14.5 hours @225*
The DrumPit is a Beast, I tell ya....

We tend to be a little grabby when the Butts come off.....Can you tell?
Moist, Flavorful, with nice Bark... I'm A Happy FatMan!!!:becky:

BlueHowler 08-28-2010 09:46 PM

I just told my wife I met my next love on the internet. You should have seen the look on her face.

Then I told her it was Pig Newtons and told her what they are you should have the look on her face then!

It was priceless and I want to make some as soon as possible.

Old Smoke 08-28-2010 09:58 PM

Great looking butts AND...
"Pig Newtons" what an interesting twist to (one of many) of my favorite cookies.
Outstanding !

boogiesnap 08-28-2010 10:03 PM


Saiko 08-28-2010 10:04 PM

Doesn't get any better than that, nice spread!

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