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Bigmofo300lbs 07-28-2004 11:33 AM

Too early to talk Turkey?
So, the in-laws are coming for Thanksgiving. And my father in-law has requested a smoked turkey. Now I have never done this before and I have yet another reason why I can't go to the mall with my wife ("Honey, you want Thanksgiving dinner to be good right? I need to practice.). Any tips?

I was thinking that I would do parts (boob & legs) instead of a whole turkey. What you think?

PitPirate 07-28-2004 11:42 AM

In this thread we just went through a bunch of good info on Turkeys.

I did two 6lb breasts yesterday and they were awesome and a picture of them is at the bottom of that thread.


jminion 07-28-2004 11:51 AM

Brine or use an enhanced turkey. Cook at higher temps 275 to 325. Take the breast to 160 internal max, and the dark meat to 175 to 180. I like cooking parts, got more control over the finish that way.

parrothead 07-28-2004 11:54 AM

Here, here, on the parts thing. Do a tit or two and a bunch of drumsticks. white and dark to make everybody happy. And don't forget to brine.

BigAl 07-28-2004 12:35 PM

I use Butter Ball turkeys and do not brine, it's part of their frozen processing. I did smoke a whole one in the Bandera sitting on a "Chicken Rocket". Pics in Photo section. It was good but not a great as the ones I offset cook on my old unit using the rotissery.

Bill-Chicago 07-28-2004 01:24 PM

Go look in the archive by date leading up to last Thanksgiving. There are too many turkey threads to reference, but some great info there.

Me, I will smoke 2 or 3 whole turkey breasts (not splits) after injecting with marinade (Tony Chachere usually)

And you gotta fry a whole bird too.

I fed like 30+ last year, and sent everyone home with something, even the infamous Uncle Farker.

BBQchef33 07-28-2004 01:42 PM

i have an herbal brine posted in the recipes section. Then injec the bird with a honey maple mixture. I've cooked them in the BYC, the bandera and the Wsm, and the bandera does it by far the best for some reason..

point though.. make one soon, get some practice with a whole bird.. last thing ya wanna do is wreck thanksgiving dinner.

Bigmofo300lbs 07-28-2004 01:43 PM

This is great info. What about legs?

kcquer 07-28-2004 03:44 PM


This is great info. What about legs?
Kapndsl reports good results using 3-2-1 on the drummies.


the infamous Uncle Farker
If you want a gut busting laugh find that thread, OMFG what a riot!!!

The_Kapn 07-28-2004 09:09 PM


Kapndsl reports good results using 3-2-1 on the drummies.
Scott is right--I love them done 3-2-1.
Same basic meat to bone ratio as Spares, so the technique transfers nicely.
Made a lot of dried out "Turkey Jerky" till I tried the wrap.
I put a picture in Photos-"Fruits of our Labor" section,

Bigmofo300lbs 07-29-2004 10:39 AM

I think I might do some Turkey Legs this weekend.

evilpsych 07-29-2004 05:28 PM

what about a smoked Turducken?

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